Contract Research - Partners

The Griffin Institute has worked with a number of entities, including academic researchers as well as companies, to assist with the development of their study. Please find a list of some of our partners below.

Lightpoint Medical Ltd

Lightpoint Medical is a technology leader in precision-guided robotic cancer surgery. They are developing miniaturized imaging and sensing tools for advanced intra-operative cancer detection. Their mission is to improve the lives of people with cancer by transforming the efficacy of robotic surgery.

MediSieve Limited

MediSieve is developing an extracorporeal antibody therapy called “magnetic blood filtration” (MBF), a revolutionary method of treating blood-borne diseases by removing harmful substances directly from a patient’s bloodstream. The technology is similar to dialysis: a patient’s blood is circulated through an external blood loop. While dialysis relies on non-specific, size-based filtration, MBF uses functionalised magnetic beads which bind to specific targets, and magnetic forces to extract them. Practically any target can be removed including specific cells, inflammatory cytokines, pathogens and antibodies, providing a platform to treat a huge range of medical conditions and accessing several billion-dollar global markets. Solutions are being developed for hyperinflammation (sepsis, cytokine release syndrome (CRS), COVID-19), leukaemia, and severe malaria.

Selentus Science Ltd

Selentus Science Ltd is run by an experienced team with a track record in the invention, development and commercialisation of novel haemostatic products and technologies.


The Griffin Institute has been partnering and collaborating with a number of researchers from UCL to deliver their preclinical studies.