Vision, Mission and Objectives

Our Vision

To transform & restore patient quality of life/health

Our Mission Statement

We aim to achieve our vision by:

• Creating innovative clinical solutions underpinned by compelling science


• Training the next generation of medical professionals with novel and translational treatments.

We aim to deliver this mission by

Delivering the following research using a tissue engineering and regenerative medicine approach:

• Developing a novel wound healing portfolio

• Creating functional tissues/organs to address: – liver disease and transplantation shortage

• Improve quality of life for sufferers of gut disorders

Creating a research hub and centre of excellence which delivers:

• A preclinical facility and scientific surgical expertise

• Customised in vitro analysis to complement preclinical live experimentation

• Creative collaborations between Academics, NHS Trusts, SME and commercial partners

Expanding accredited courses for advanced surgical/ medical training (as regulated by the Home Office):

• Bespoke cadaveric and live training courses