Pre-Clinical FAQs

Are surgical, biocompatibility, toxicology and pathology services available individually?

Yes all services can be quoted individually or as a complete preclinical programme

How can I request a quote or consultation?

You can contact our CRO Project Manager, Sarah Turner, via email

How much lead time is necessary to initiate a study?

Estimates of lead-times will be provided as quotes are requested. The study will need to be approved by our Animal Welfare and Ethical Review Board. If amendments to our current Project licences are required, then time would need to be allowed for Home Office approval. A protocol will need to be generated, animals ordered and animal acclimatisation period of 10-14 days is required.

Are you GLP compliant?

Yes, our surgical facilities and laboratories are certified by MHRA as a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) facility, in accordance with Directive 2004/9/EC.
Read more about our certifications and accreditations

How confidential will TGI keep our proprietary information?

TGI is very sensitive to the proprietary nature of each study it conducts. TGI does recommend that a signed CDA (Confidential Disclosure Agreement) be in place prior to any in-depth communication. Every TGI employee is trained in clients’ need for confidentiality.

Can TGI help develop a study protocol?

Yes, experienced TGI Study Directors and surgeons work directly with the clients’ teams to develop protocols in a collaborative effort. We frequently develop protocols and project plans for unique treatment modalities and novel device designs.

Can we perform a pre-study QA inspection and have a tour of the facilities?

TGI welcomes on-site visits and will complete any questionnaires required. Please contact us directly if you wish to schedule a pre-study visit.

Can TGI perform long-term studies with large animals?

TGI has capacity for sheep, pigs and mini-pigs for long-term studies. TGI also has a contract with Cambridge University, Barcroft Centre, to house large animals for extended periods.

How are the animals on the study cared for post-operatively?

TGI’s team of dedicated animal care technicians provide full monitoring for all animals, 7 days a week. A Named Veterinary Surgeon and Named Animal Care and Welfare Officer oversee welfare and care of all animals at TGI.

How can I find out the status of my study?

The CRO Project Manager will keep you updated on the status of your study with regular contact. You will also have a study director assigned to your study who you will have direct contact with during regular working hours.

Can we use our own physicians and/or engineers in the project?

TGI permits involvement of qualified outside experts, physicians and engineers. Any person conducting regulated procedures will need to hold a Home Office Personal Licence under the Animals (Scientific Procedures) Act 1986 and be able to provide TGI with relevant training records and/or a statement of competency to perform the procedures.

How do you obtain a Home Office Personal Licence?

Personal Licence (PIL) courses are run routinely by Royal Veterinary College or Red Kite Veterinary Services. TGI can book you onto the course and manage the process of obtaining the PIL on your behalf. Please contact Sarah Turner, CRO Project Manager, if you are interested in booking onto a course.