Preclinical Research Services

Our scientific and research team provides high quality studies to propel research, through the most appropriate models, into the marketplace. We provide a full, comprehensive and bespoke service tailored to specific requirements. Our team of dedicated staff have many years of experience and are happy to discuss and advise the correct model/surgical technique for research initiatives. We provide a full, comprehensive service tailored to your requirements with surgical facilities and laboratories certified by MHRA as a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) facility, in accordance with Directive 2004/9/EC. We offer a wide range of Research models, both in vitro and in vivo, and we also hold a Human Tissue Authority (HTA) research license.

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Preclinical Research Services

Preclinical Services and Surgical Research

• Prosthesis implantation
• Biomaterial testing and assessmentIn vivo microbiological studies

Material biocompatibility
• Implantation of devices and materials for biocompatibility testingWound healing
Improving wound healing/epithelialization
• Reducing scarring
• Reducing infectionImplantation of biologically derived tissue scaffolds
• Tissue/organ implantation

Prevention of post-surgical adhesions
• Induction, assessment and treatment of adhesions
• Use of devices to prevent, diagnose and treat post-surgical adhesions
• Evaluation of haemostatic materials or devices

Ischaemia prevention
• Treatment of aneurysms
• Testing indwelling pacing and sensing devices
• Monitoring perfusion and testing devices to monitor perfusion

Bowel anastomosis and drug delivery
• Evaluation of novel technologies to treat conditions related to gastrointestinal surgery, bowel anastomosis and chemotherapy deliveryHaemostasis
Testing of haemostatic devices or materialsTesting endoscopic, laparoscopic and robotic devices
Evaluation of device for manoeuvrability, locomotion, support functions (e.g., flush, suction and insufflation) and/or creation and treatment of defects
Ocular injury and treatment and delivery of substances
• Evaluation of efficacy and/or safety of substances intended for delivery to the eye
• Treatment and monitoring of diabetes
• Induction of diabetes
• Testing endoscopic cryoablation devices
• Adjusting and measuring blood glucose levelsRat brief access taste aversion (BATA) test
• In vivo assessment of taste-aversiveness of pharmaceutical compounds and formulationsNeurovascular surgery

Endovascular surgery

Vascular microsurgery

Sciatic nerve regeneration


Preclinical Services and Surgical Research

Our Models and Services

Our current range of in-vitro models includes
• Tissue specific organoids for drug screening
• Decellularised liver, colon, small bowel and skin
• Keratinocyte: Fibroblast co-culture
Our laboratory services include
• Histology (paraffin, resin)
• Immunocytochemistry (ICC)
• Enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA)
• Proliferation assay
• Immuno-blotting
• DNA/RNA extraction, quantification and gel electrophoresis
• Collagen and GAG quantification
• 2D and 3D in-vitro cell culture for material cytotoxicity
• Freeze drying biomaterials and tissue sections
• Chorioallantoic Membrane (CAM) Assay
Our Achievements
We have a wealth of experience and in the last 5 years to date we have:-

• Undertaken 142 research studies (GLP & non GLP)
• Held 10 project licences
• Held 86 personal licences (surgical & nonsurgical)

We have an experienced team of researchers and 5 members of surgical staff who possess Home Office Licences / competencies (not including anaesthetists, technicians, and other surgical staff)

A lot of effort was made to accommodate our study to meet our timeline. Overall, it was a pleasure working with The Griffin Institute and its professional team

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