Fundraising Projects

We are currently raising funds for the following projects. Appropriate naming opportunities are available, and we would be delighted to speak with potential donors and provide them with further information.

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Fundraising Projects

Capital Appeal

Theatre Refurbishment Project

Demand for our surgical training programmes is ever-increasing. We urgently need to upgrade our existing facilities in order to enhance our capabilities and expand our range of advanced training in minimally invasive (MIS) surgical procedures, such as keyhole and robotic surgery and are building two new surgical training theatres. One will have the primary function for microsurgery and flexible endoscopic training to complement our existing MIS resources and the second theatre will be used to support team training across different multi-disciplinaries to enhance non-technical skills such as leadership, situation awareness and communication. Both theatres will be flexible, to support other activities such as medical research, and designed so they can be opened up to make one very large training theatre.

By providing increased access to a wide range of state-of-the-art equipment and surgical training in up-to-date MIS techniques, this project will lead to a sustained surgically trained workforce in the UK for improved patient benefit.

Cost: £1.6m, including builders’ costs, professional and legal fees, contingency costs, and equipment

Clinical Chemistry Laboratory

The majority of our research projects are conducted to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) standards. Unfortunately, much of our equipment is aging and is either not fit for purpose or cannot be calibrated to reach the ever-increasing high standards expected by GLP.

We are planning to completely refurbish our Clinical Chemistry Laboratory, which assists with the analysis of bodily fluids, such as blood, urine, and tissue, using chemistry, microbiology, haematology and molecular pathology. The refurbished laboratory will meet GLP standards and allow samples to be analysed more quickly (currently, for clinical chemistry, it is eight minutes per sample), enabling the researcher to perform more sampling in a shorter period of time. The additional parameters present will ensure that more data can be obtained from each sample tested.

Cost £76,500

Capital Appeal

Research Projects

Accelerator Fund

The UK performs excellent scientific research but is not as effective as it could be in translating that excellence to support patients. The Griffin Institute is implementing a three-year plan, in which we will leverage our long and well-established infrastructure for translational research, by collaborating with our partner academic institutions to accelerate the best of their science to benefit patients.

We will identify three projects each year that have the potential to be converted into medicine, ensuring that new scientific discoveries that could potentially improve or save lives become a reality.

Cost: £50,000 per project / £150,000 per year / Total Costs: £450,000 over three years


Wound Healing (PASTE)

The cost of chronic wound care is estimated to consume at least 6% of NHS expenditure in the UK, and unfortunately, many people are still left with wounds that simply will not heal using current treatment options that may cause distress and very poor quality of life. The Griffin Institute has developed a skin substitute that has been shown to accelerate wound closure. We have completed the first phase of research on our new wound healing solution, ‘Paste’, and are now working on pre-clinical trials.

Cost: £50,000

Research Projects

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We are very grateful for your kind consideration of these projects. Please become a partner in our work and help us to improve the lives of children and adults with acute and chronic disease and disability.

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